My Make Up Area

Hey guys,

I was busy sorting, cleaning and organising all my make up this week and I thought you might like a look at all my goodies!

The Madness – Before

Here it is, in all its glory, the madness that is my make up area! I do have a very pretty dressing table in my dressing room but I find it so much cleaner and brighter to do my make up in the bathroom so I have everything right at my fingertips!

The above pics are what faced me before I started my organising so as you can see I had a big job on my hands!

I also tackled my make up brushes and gave them all a good clean, it’s a hateful job but it has to be done and I have to say, once I start doing it I find it can be quite therapeutic. If you wanna know my method for cleaning them I’ll be putting together a blog post about it very soon.

Ok, so now that it’s all sorted here’s how it looks…ahhhhh! That smug feeling of tidiness! 😁

Now, maybe next time I’ll do an in depth post about each category above? Let you know my faves and what I find works and doesn’t work. I think that would be just what the doctor ordered!

I hope you enjoyed a sneak into my make up madness, lemme know what you think either below, over on my Facebook or snap me !

Lx πŸ’‹

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Linda’s Mini Adventures – Cliff Walk

Hello my dahlings, time for a new mini adventures update – I feel like I’ve been very quiet on the adventures front this few months so I must get my ass in gear .

Myself and my usual adventure buddy, Conor, decided to hit up the Greystone’s to Bray Cliff Walk last week, I hadn’t even heard of it’s existence before but judging by the response I got on my Snapchat a lot of ye have done it


We decided to walk the route from Greystones to Bray (as opposed to Bray to Greystones which I think most people do). The reason being, at the start, as you are leaving Greystones Harbour, there is currently a building site in progress and the first half hour or so of the walk is lined with stone and rubble and as you progress along the walk the ground returns to clay and is smoother (ie. easier) to walk along.

I drove to Greystones and we parked up at the harbour (parking is €1 per hour until 6pm and the car park doesn’t have any barriers at night so no panic there). Bear in mind if you get the dart back to Greystones after your walk, the train station is a good 15/20 minutes walk back to the harbour (learned that the hard way πŸ˜‚). We dropped into a little cafe beside the harbour for a mini refreshment before starting our walk – this part of the village is so beautiful and you certainly won’t be short of coffee and restaurant choices.

Once you hit the harbour you’ll see the brown tourist signs for the cliff walk and from there you’ll have plenty of white arrow signs to point you on your way (and lots of fellow walkers to follow!).

The walk is absolutely blissful and relaxing and the sights are beautiful. It’s not overly difficult but there is a slight incline for a good half of the walk so you will feel it on your thighs but nothing overly strenuous.

The walk runs along the coast with the sea coming right up along the cliff, and the train travels below you meandering in and out of the cliff tunnels.

We worked up a serious appetite so fish and chips were the order of the day when we reached Bray. All in all it took us about an hour and a half (excluding the 15 minutes or so when we stopped for a mini picnic – which consisted of mini bags of hula hoops and a twix bar, don’t judge).

I wouldn’t advise bringing very small kids on the walk – although there were some absolute crazies with a buggy. It is not equipped in any way for a buggy. Just don’t do it.

Once in Bray the train station is another 15 minutes or so walk so I’d advise stopping and refuelling along the promenade before heading for a return trip to Greystones. Would you believe when we got to the train station Irish Rail were giving away FREE 99’s all day and we both got one handed to us and it’s not to say we were bloody delira with ourselves.

HOWEVER, what did I go and do. Drop my 99 flake. Absolutely gutted. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

It’s only €2.20 for a one way adult ticket from Bray to Greystones and takes 15 mins or so. In my (humble) opinion Greystones has way more choice and beautiful places to eat than Bray so if your belly can manage it I would suggest going back to Greystones and stopping in somewhere for grub. Ugh the long long street of beautiful places to eat and drink was so endearing 😍.

Check out HERE for a fill listing of all the fab restaurants around Greystones.

We were lucky to get a very mild day and athough there was no real sunshine we had a very clear view and could see for miles. I’d definitely recommend taking a jaunt up some Sunday for a meander. Make sure to lemme know if you decide to give the cliff walk a go, meanwhile I shall be planning my next mini adventure.

Oh, did I tell you about my upcoming trip to Gdansk? Haha, more on that next time…

Linda πŸ’‹

Stay tuned for my post on my Phi Brows process and how they are holding up almost six months later. Have you checked out my Favourite Things from August yet? Give it a read HERE.

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Steal her Style – Tess Daly


So I’ve been sharing my fave style looks and style icons over on my Snapchat every now and again and I’ve started showing you guys where you can get similar style from the likes of ASOS, River Island, Penneys etc. Seeing as the info is gone after 24 hours on Snapchat I thought I’d stick the ideas up here too in case you wanna come back and have a nose later (you know, when your bank account isn’t at €0. Hehe!)

This weeks stylish gal – Tess Daly

Ah, red and pink, my all time faaaaave combo. Always reminds me of that time I got my red and pink nails. J’adore πŸ’‹

Nails by the lovely Breda (don’t get excited – she doesn’t do nails anymore but I now go to the just as fab Robyn, check out her Snapchat @robynf10)

First up, these cigarette trousers are a divine shade of pink, very bright like Tess’ and will definitely get you noticed. The fit looks fab too.

ASOS High Waist Cigarette Trousers, €26.35. Shop them HERE.

Alternatively, you could go with a slightly lighter shade of pink, not quite as dramatic as Tess but still beautiful and the shade of this pair is stunning.

Miss Selfridge Cigarette Trouser, €33.78. Shop them HERE.

Similar to Tess but I love this slogan even more πŸ’‹.

Boohoo ‘J’adore’ T-shirt, via ASOS, 13.51. But it HERE.

This tee is very cute and would look fab with either pair of trousers and it’s only €16! Pure bargain!

ASOS Tee with cute busy print, €16.32. Shop it HERE.

Like Tess I’d go with some white runners but i think I’d stick with plain crisp white ones. These white runners will go perfect with the look and are only €24!!! Bonus: they come in half sizes!

ASOS Darby Lace Up Trainers, €24.32. Shop ’em HERE.

Now for her accessories, I’ve found two white handbags very similar to Tess…

White zip front chain tote bag, €51.00, River Island. Shop it HERE.

Then I also found this one on ASOS, it’s actually very similar to Tess’, a crisp white so will go with anything and it’s adorable!

Mango mini slouch cross body bag, €24.31 via ASOS. But it HERE.

Finally, sure we need to finish off with a crazy phone cover seeing as Tess has a very funky cocktail one….

This one is frickin’ brilliant. I think it’s only available for iPhone 6/7 so I’m out but if you do have one of these you’re in business!

Skinnydip Ice cream Liquid Silicone Phone Case (IPhone 6/7) via ASOS, €20.27. Grab it HERE.

Disclaimer: I cannot go near these fab shiny fun covers, I’m stuck with a super reliable yet very clunky Otterbox. Do not knock ’em though, they’ve gotten this clumsy lady out of many a hard phone fall!!! Check out the full range Otterbox has to offer HERE.

Hope you liked this gals, if you did I’ll keep them up…make sure to lemme know via Snapchat or Facebook!

Linda πŸ’‹

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My Favourite Things- Aug ’17

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a little ‘Favourite Things’ post and I have so much fun stuff that I wanna share with you.

I don’t know if any of ye do this but I literally screenshot everything I like the look of on Facebook, Instagram, Daily Mail, etc just to remind myself to go to that place or buy that dress (I wish) or read that article.

So here’s a few bits I’ve been cooing over from the past few weeks or so…

Billie Piper

These images of Billie Piper for a shoot for Stylist Magazine. Her cheekbones. Her face. Everything. πŸ’‹Β Billie has always been a person I am in awe of – she’s been through it all in terms of relationships, her career has been massive then non existent then back to full on star mode again. And no matter how kooky and eclectic her style gets (and there have been some crazy looks) she always holds herself true to her very own style and I adore that in anyone. Go Billie!

Read Billie’s full interview with Stylist magazine HERE.

l also adore her wee finger tattoo – I still haven’t bitten the bullet and got a tattoo but if I did I think I’d love to try a tinchy tiny one on my finger- maybe a bit like this one…watcha think?

New Lippie πŸ’„

You probably know by now I’m a coral lippie kinda gal BUT I picked up this Wet ‘n Wild pink/ nude one recently and it is definitely a contender for a new favourite.

Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Lip Colour- Think Pink #E901B

***In case you missed it Allcare Pharmacy in Ardee were offering 70% off all Wet ‘n Wild while stocks last so might be worth popping in. Check out their Facebook page HERE***

Foodie Gem β˜•

This weeks foodie gem is my beloved Foleys, I’ve been there quite a bit over the last few weeks. If you follow me on Snapchat (@blushernmascara) you’ll be well used to my snaps of this place. Hit it up if you’re ever near Castlebellingham, County Louth. It’s a wee gem!

They do a full breakfast menu up until 12pm and then a mix of lunch/ hot dinner options and the lattes are yummy!

Go check out Foleys Facebook page HERE for more deets!

Penneys Baby ❀

This Disney t-shirt. Yep it makes me look about seven but hey, who actually cares. I can add it to my other minnie mouse hoodies 🀣. Plus one

of my snapchat followers told me her wee girl was wearing it the day I wore mine so boom. I’m totally down with the cool kids!

Oh and I found this absolute beauty of a hoodie in Penneys too. BUT it was hidden up in the men’s Β section. Tooootally wasted on the boyos if you ask me!!! 😲

Disney Tee, €8 Penneys, ‘Why Bother?’ Sweater, €11 Penneys (Men’s Department).

This Skirt

Yes, it’s pleather but like it’s green and it’s fab. So there πŸ˜‹.

ASOS Vinyl A Line mini skirt, €33.78 Buy it HERE (I am sooo jealous if you do buy this, just sayin’ πŸ˜‹).


My woman crush is of course looking fabulous this week. What’s new? If you don’t already, go follow Roz over on Insta @rozannapurcell

Images via @Rozannapurcell over on Instagram

Our Louth Rose πŸ₯€

Ah lads, sure how could you not wanna follow one of the lovely Roses around as they wear snazzy guna’s, are stacked to the eyeballs wearing Newbridge Silverware and are meeting and greeting all the oldies!

Aoife is actually a blogger and she already has a fab Facebook page account- so far her updates are great so go follow for a sneak peak!

Go follow Aoife’s page HERE.

This Article 😁

Ah Cosmo, you can always rely on them for a good old list article. ‘10 things to stop doing by the time you’re 30′ (I most likely will still be doing 9 of them). ‘20 things to never do in a relationship’ (yep, I’d probably still do about 15 of them.) Now this one, ‘20 Things women who have their shit together do every day’ –Β I’d love to say I’m all over this list but some of them are still waaaay off my radar. But it’s a good ‘un to have a read of and mull over. I mean number 6 is a loooong way off my radar (savings, what the hell!) but maybe some of you more ‘mature’ peeps are more in tune with this shizz than I am.

Check out the full articleΒ HERE.

That’s it for now my dears, I hope you found something fun to have a nosey at πŸ˜™… Stay tuned for my Mini Adventures post about my Cliff Walk and I’m working on Β post about my Phi Brows experience too!

Linda πŸ’‹

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Me myself and I

It’s time to talk some cold hard life lessons. So belt up and put your armour on gals. You know what I’ve learned from my 31 years on this planet. Life consists of Me, Myself and I. Yes, you read that right- just little old me. You see we’ve all become so laden down with the notion of having the dream partner or the beautiful children or the perfect girl gang that we seem to forget that at the end of the day your life and how you live it and what you achieve is all down to YOU.

Yes, your loving husband may tell you how wonderful you are or spur you on to apply for that dream job but guess who has to click the keyboard and press send on that CV – YOU. Guess who has to walk up to that big, bad scary office building in a too tight suit and uncomfortable heels – YOU. Your besties may tell you he’s not good enough for you, or you’re terribly unhappy and should leave the low life you’ve been shacked up with for the last 12 months. But hey, guess what, they can’t sit in front of him in the comfort of your sitting room and tell him “it’s not you it’s me”. Nope. That’s all on you sista.

When I suddenly realised I was, shock horror, almost 10 years out of college I realised I needed to refresh my experience and get back into the books. It scared the hell outta me and I procrastinated on doing it for a ridiculous 2 years! But in the end no matter how much my parents told me I was well able to do it, sure hadn’t I survived a four year degree before (yes, and I still haven’t the foggiest how I managed it), or my friends told me it’ll be a great experience and a chance to be a student again, only I could fill in the application form and push my way in the too heavy revolving doors into the massive college foyer on the first day of the course and sit smiling stupidly while I got my new student ID card printed. (Topshop discount here I come).

Click HERE for all the info on discounts around Irealnd for all you student card holders out there. You’re welcome πŸ˜‰.

So the lesson is, YOU create the life YOU want. Stop waiting for the perfect relationship, or the sparkling career or the most fabulous bestie to appear. Newsflash: you can have all these things but you will still be 100% responsible for every move you make. So get out there and start making sh*t happen!

Blusher’s Advice Chart

Do Get following the absolutely hilarious Claire.balding on Snapchat. Forget all the perfect bloggers on there- this gal will make you wet your pants.

Don’t Ever read those articles that tell you coffee is bad for you. They are evil. Instead invest in a Dolce Gusto coffee machine and watch your mornings get at least 50% better.

Do Buy that super pretty notepad set that you eye up on your way around Primark. Yes you have 17 notepads at home but scribbling is the best stress release out there. Guaranteed.

Don’t Keep bulk buying the undie sets in Primark, yes they’re cheap as chips but they’ll unravel in the most inconvenient places. Hit up M&S instead and invest in some decent knicks. Your bottom deserves it gal.

Do appreciate the world around you. Take a stroll and leave the headphones at home. Breathe in the smells and absorb the sights around you. Sounds naff but feels great. Trust me. πŸ˜™

Love Linda πŸ’‹

Ps. Stay tuned for my adventures piece about my trip to Greystones last week 😁

Bank Holidayz

Hey gang,
Happy Monday morning! Actually…happy bank holiday Monday morning to be precise (even better again-it’s like Sunday part 2 😍).

Any nice plans for the last day of the long weekend? Judging by my snapchat timeline there were a lot of excited hens on tour, an insane amount of peoole at the country fest and the general theme is either food or cocktails.  My kinda weekend 😁. I had a very quiet & chilled out (read: boring) Saturday night and I was out and about all day yesterday so I ended up having a very quiet Sunday night too…shock! I’ve yet to decide if I’ll be making up for that tonight or if I’ll be going for a record two weekends in a row of staying in (a record for recent months at least as I can’t seem to shake the FOMO and by Sunday night I’m inevitably sitting with a cold Corona in my hand πŸ˜‚).

So, I thought seeing as I’m lying here chilling in my leaba I would share some of my fave bits ‘n pieces that I’ve come across this week…

Punchestown & Linda Byrne Illustrations

Eeeeek the style at Punchestown Festival this year was in-saaaane and the superbly talented Linda Byrne illustrated all the winners in their beautiful glad rags to perfection 😍. 

If you don’t follow Linda’s Facebook page check her out HERE.

Day 1 Best Dressed Lady Ashley Reade. So impressed that the judges picked a wrather appropriate style given the cold wet day it was. Stunning!

Day 2 winner of the Best Dressed Lady was Sophie Edghill. Great to see a unique trouser suit win for a change and that red is glorious!

Day 3 – Ann Marie Phelan of Hats Amore, Newbridge. Another trouser style- a brautiful monochrome option today!

Day 4 (The BIG One) – Ann Marie Phelan of Hats Amore, Newbridge. Winner of the Champagne Bollinger Best dressed Lady .I spotted this outifit straight away and a very wotthy winner in my eyes! 

Orla Kiely

Applique Face Lola Bag – Orange, Β£240.00, Orla Kiely. Buy it HERE.

So, I have been ob-sesssssed with Orla Kiely for years now so let’s not be fooled and think this a new one BUT in saying that her launch into the world of jewellery had made me swoon for the last few xeasons and her Spring/Summer 17 collection is gaw-jus. Would you look at the airplane charm 😍. #Need

Tortoiseshell Bee and Plane Charm Bracelet, Β£175.00, Orla Kiely. Buy it HERE.

Check out the official Orla Kiely Facebook page for regular updates on her collections HERE or visit the official website HERE

The inside of the Applique Face Lola Bag – di-vine! 


I am obsessed with cute pjs but I have a little secret to tell – I rarely wear a pretty little matching pair to bed. It’s usually just a strap top with one of my (many) fluffy pairs of PJ bottoms piled in the hotpress. BUT that’s all gonna change. Yep, I’m gonna turn into a super pretty, cutesy little bedtime diva and be all dotey in my matching jammies. I think the best place to start is with these fab ones. (Slight advantage that they are in my face colour, boom!)

ASOS Deckchair Striped Tee & Jogger Pyjama set,  β‚¬35.13, ASOS. Buy them HERE

Or to browse all the cutest PJ sets check out ASOS huge collection HERE.


I love this place –  and I was there again this weekend – BUT even I grow tired of it aftet three visits in as many months. But there are a few simple tips to avoid mass fall out/divorce/migraines and get through from the start of the maze that is IKEA and out safely at the end. 

1. Park closer to the exit than the entrance and always aim to park under the main building where it is covered and close to said exit.

2. Comfort is key. High heels have no place in Ikea land.

3. Do not bring your smallies. It’s not fun for them, it’s not fun for you. Just don’t.

4. Take a photo on your hone of the stuff you like/want to buy instead of trying to scribble everything on the tiny sheets they give you.

5. Take advantagr of your free tea/coffee on your Ikea Family card. (Crucial).

6. Deep breaths, focus and make sure to catch a toilet break before entering the market hall craze! 

I picked up this fab mirror that I’ve wanted for months and it was sold out every time I went up. I’ll make sure to snap my actual hall when I get it out of the packaging but for now this website photo shall have to do! 

White Large Nissedal Mitror, €45, IKEA.

Check out further deets on the mirror and stock info for the Dublin branch HERE. Also, make sure to add me on snapchat @blushernmascara to see my pics of when I have my mirror looking all fab in my apartment! 

One for Ireland

Finally, this weekend there is an amazing campaign happening all over Ireland called One for Ireland and it is aiming to raise awareness of mental health in our country. 

You may have heard adverts on RTE 2FM about the campaign ehich is running throughout the bank holiday from Apr 28th – May 1st. 

The whole idea is to encourage each and every one of us to donate €1 (or a similar one off donation) to the project and if we all made a donation (however small) as a nation that would make a HUGE difference. To see how you can donate see HERE.

The campaign is supporting 7 charities and you can find a full list of which ones HERE.

Check out the website for full details and how to donate HERE or follow the guys over on Twitter HERE.

Please, please make an effort to donate if you can 😚. 

That’s my lot for today guys, enjoy the rest of your bank hol whatever you’re up to.

Lx πŸ’‹

Blusher Style File – April Lust List

Hey my dears,

After my last few activity/ travel posts I thought I’d throw together a quick style one and show you some of the gaw-jus bits and pieces I am currently coveting. 

Be warned: there are some seriously fab goodies in here… #ShopTilYouDrop #BlusherStyleFile

This camo jacket 😍

ASOS Camo Shacket with Embroidery and Embelliahment, €83.84, ASOS.

Who comes up with these names? ‘Shacket’ – short jacket?!? πŸ™ˆ Besides the name there is nothing I don’t adore about this jacket!

Anyway you can buy this bad boy HERE.

A Stella swimsuit ✌

If I had a holiday to go on (sob) AND if (big IF) I had a spare €200 yoyos to splash I would absolutely have to own this Stella Mc Cartney swimsuit. Di-vine. 

Stella McCartney Striped Padded Swimsuit, €209.45, ASOS. 

 Buy it HERE. (So jel if you do 😎).

A mustard dress

I have a thing for mustard dresses and this is right up my street! 

J.O.A. Sleeveless Tea Dress with Ruffle Detail in Vintage Floral, €87.83, ASOS.

Buy it HERE.

*This Dress* πŸ’‹

Ok, WOW 😍. I 100% need this dress in my life. ☺  Stat. 

Monki Printed Button Through Dress, €33.78, ASOS.

Buy it HERE.

Summer Ankle Boots 

Office Stud Blush Suede Ankle Boots, €114.86, ASOS.
Buy them HERE.

Silk Bodysuit, anyone?

This assymetric silk bodysuit looks waaaay more expensive that it’s Zara price tag! 

Assymetric Sleeve Bodysuit, €29.95, Zara

Get it HERE.

Off the Shoulder Dress

Eek, this off the shoulder dress in subtle red check is divine! 😍

Off the shoulder dress, €39.95, Zara.

Buy it HERE. (…and get me one too while you’re at it πŸ˜‰)

Funky Leggings 

These leggings are waaaay out of the pirce bracket I have ever spent on workout gear but when they’re this pretty I’m gonna guess you’re not gonna be wearing them to rugby training! 

Seafolly Vintage Wildflower Legging, €89.19, ASOS.

Buy them HERE

That’s it for tonight folks, I could add a LOT more to thia list but no point driving ye completely crazy hehe! 

Happy (window) shopping,

Lx πŸ’‹

Linda’s Fun & Frolics – Ladies Rugby

Hey guys,
So this is a bit of a new one for me!!!! And as it’s a brand new type of venture  I decided that aswell as having Linda’s Adventures I will now have Linda’s Fun & Frolics aswell. Yay!

So, I was asked a number of weeks ago if I would pop along to Ardee Rugby Club and take part in the Ladies Under 18’s training. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking – ‘Linda, you’re way over 18’. Or as Vada told me bluntly ‘but you’re 31’. Thanks pet πŸ˜‚.

But the idea was for me to pop along, meet the ladies (who are adorable by the way) take part in the training and get some fun pics and video to show YOU guys what they get up to and ultimately get more women involved in the sport. #Simples. 

That’s me in the bright blue hoodie!

Ok, so I’m not gonna lie, I was bricking it at the thought of going down. Like, I’m in my 30’s and I was nervous going down to hang with a group of teenagers. I know it sounds mad but my fitness levels are through the floor of late and I had visions of these young gals running rings around me BUT the minute I arrived they got all giggly and friendly and I loved them immediately. It helped hugely that my bestie Julie agreed to take part with me-phew for best friends eh! 😍

When we arrived, Liam (the coach) talked us through what tonight’s training would involve- 

  • 5-10 minutes warm up, 
  • 10 -15 minutes or so tag rugby and then split the group to do individual training.

The night in question it was majorly wet and mucky. Like, seriously mucky,  which added to the fun something shocking πŸ˜‚.

I must point out I love to watch rugby and I can follow the game as its being played but I had no idea how to actually play myself! But each and every single one of the girls coached me and Julie through it and gave us tips, showed us where to stand, were super patient with us showing us how to pass the ball, etc. 

What’s the Plan 

So, the Ladies Under 18 season came to an end recently (the ladies got to the semi finals and were very unfortunately knocked out) so for now they are continuing weekly training and keeping fit. 

The idea here is to keep the Wednesday night ladies Rugby evening to ALL ages and get more people down to the club to get rugby fit and have fun. Also to get more recruits for the Under 18 team as they lose players each year when they go over age so all ages from young to old are welcome amd encouraged to come down! 

The training will take place every Wednesday @ 7pm til 8.30 pm (ish)  and Liam will be there to put everyone through their paces and show you the ropes etc. Also, remember that any kind of sport requires general fitness so half the evening will be spent doing sprints and general bootcamp style fitness with the other half being a fun game of tag rugby. 

If you’re interested in getting involved all you have to do is pop down to Ardee Rugby Club on wednesday evenings (we are having an official newbie evening on April 19th but you can come down any Wednesday). I’d advise arriving 10 or so minutes early and bring a pair of football boots if you or someone you know has a pair-it will make running on the pitch a hell of a lot easier. 

Any other questions you can snap me @blushernmascara  or the coach Liam @liamardee or drop me a message over on my Facebook page HERE.

Me after the training session, destroyed in muck but bloody delighted with myself! 

I’ll be there tomorrow evening with bells on (ok, maybe a hoody and tracksuit bottoms will be more approproate πŸ˜‚) and I really hope you guys join me and the girls, I’m a total amateur so I’m very excited to get stuck in. I hope you enjoyed the videos πŸ˜‚.

Lx πŸ’‹

My Favourite Things – April ’17

Ok, so how the hell is it Easter this weekend!!! Yikes! Considering we are already a third of the way through 2017 (yep!) I think a ‘My Favourite Things’ post is looooong overdue…I hope you like it! 😚


I love reading my horoscope. Love love LOVE reading it and I generally read it in every magazine/ newspaper/ app and website I can find it on. However,  I do have an absolute fave place to read my fate for the day ahead and that is via the ‘Daily Horoscope‘ app. This app is scarely accurate when it comes to your daily readings (and I am totally down for some skepticism but honestly these ones are gooood). It’s so good that myself and my bestie Julie regularly send each other our signs for the day with ‘holy sh*t’ as the caption. So there. 😲

Download ‘Daily Horoscope’ via the Google playstore for anroid or via the App Store for iphone. 

Alternatively, if you can’t download an app there are pretty good ‘scopes on this website HERE.

Relish Cafe

Ahhhhhhhh…..I’m gonna take a liberty here and assume about 90% of you have already been in one of Relish’ four cafes around Louth/Meath. Reason being: 1. Because its a bloody gorgeous place, 2. Because its so cosy and inviting and welcoming to go for a cuppa and 3. Judging by the amount of jealous snaps I receive when I snap that I’m in there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

If you haven’t been you absolutely must go, there are four cafes based at the following locations:



Drogheda Town (Lawrence Street)

Southgate (Drogheda)

I’d reccommend trying the daily specials as they are always yummy and of course you’ll have to get a homemade dessert to finish it all off. Sorry, I’m such a bad influence! πŸ˜‚ 

For more info on locations and opening hours etc check out Relish’s Facebook page HERE.
London Baby!

London is one of my absolute favourite cities and I’ve only gone and booked a trip there in May with my fantastic Granny C. She has a sister who is a nun based over there and I promised her last year that we would make a trip over so I decided to book the flights as her pressie for mothers day. I’m usually dire at remembering Mothers Day so hopefully this will get me off the hook for a while πŸ˜‚.

We’ve yet to book accommodation but I think we’ll stay around the Westminster area and hopefully book in for a show. Granny is very like me in that she loves to meander around cafes and restautants so we will be in latte heaven!!! And of course I wil snapchat and check in to my hearts content while I’m there so you’ll be well updated!!! 

We’re off the Tuesday 30th May til 1st June… 46 Sleeps…but who’s counting?!?
Sleepovers (with little people)

If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a million times; little people just make everything better. Vada, my goddaughter (I say that like you all don’t know that already) has the ability to put me in the best mood no matter how I’ve been feeling and she is the most fun little human. Well, she’s not so little anymore (sob) in fact if you seen her on my snapchat you’d be forgiven for thinking she is 8 going on 18 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

So we had a wee sleepover and we put face masks on and we coloured and we snapped and we watched Netflix and we finally fell fast asleep and slept like babies after all our messing! 
Dark Lippie

I’m normally a Coral girl when it comea to lippie (and my nails actually..) but last weekend I went for a real dark look on my lips and I really loved it. So much so that I wore a deep berry colour both Friday and Saturday night. Little Miss Adventurous eh? πŸ˜‚

On Friday I wore Essence Velvet Matte Lippie in #18 and on Saturday I wore Rimmel Lasting Finish Lippie in #128 Starry Eyed.

Cute Nails

These are NOT my nails but they need to be. I’ll probably do the reverse though ‘coz I can’t have nudes on my nails as I find I wreck them ( actually I wreck my nails in general anyway, and Sarah Giggins will definitely ageee with me on that πŸ™ˆ).

Love Yourself (this one’s important)

I have never actually agreed with a quote as much as I did this one when I read it the other day. I can safely put my hand straight up when it says ‘you have been criticising yourself for years…‘. I am QUEEN of self-criticism, as I think a lot of us are. BUT in recent years, and more particularly in recent months I have decided that I am good enough and I have started to love myself instead of constant criticism. And you know ehat? It feels bloody great. I still struggle hugely with my body image and confidence but as far as my self worth, I am smashing that and I know I am good enough and brilliant and worthy and you know what I am pretty deadly.  

Now I NEED you guys to do the same. Instead of thinking I’m crap, or not good enough, or useless, or a crap wife/girlfriend or a bad Mom or sister or not good enough at your job…tell yourself they are bloody lucky to have you and I swear to God you’ll soon believe it and realise how ridiculous those old thoughts actually were! 

We are all bloody fabulous! And one more thing- don’t just tell yourself you are fabulous, tell the other women in your life how bloody great they are too. 😚

Chat soon dahlings,

Lx πŸ’‹

Linda’s Mini Adventures- Croke Park SkylineΒ 

Well hello there,

I wrote this post in January and for some reason I never published it and I think you guys might like it, AND it just so happens to be my first mini adventure of 2017 (first of many!!). It was the week before my birthday and my bessie Conor organised a little treat for us. Well, I think it may have just coincided with my birthday and became my birthday treat so in other words I made it all about me. Oops. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, a few weeks before the day out Conor asked me two things:

1 How was my diary on the 26th?

2 Am I afraid of heights?

As for my diary, I barely know what I’m doing with myself today never mind weeks ahead so that was a green light, and the heights thing? Well technically I would say I’m not afraid of heights but then again I’ve been known to freak out crossing the pedestrian bridge at Scotch Hall in Drogheda so you know, ye I kinda am! 

Anyway, I gave him the go ahead and I was to meet him at his house at 1.30pm for a coffee and chats before heading into town. I still had no idea what to expect when I arrived up to meet him on Thursday – I could have Googled ‘activity and heights Dublin city’ and most likely would have got my answer but sure where’s the surprise in that! 

We organised an Uber taxi and when we jumped in sure Conor had to let the cat out of the bag and tell the driver to take us to Croke Park.  I knew straight away we were doing the Skyline Tour. Eeeeek!!!!! 

I was sooooo excited. Like, SO excited! I’ve been to Croke Park numerous times before but never for the tour- Conor on the other hand had never been in the stadium so that was pretty fun for him.

Our tickets were pre-booked and once we checked in at the museum entrance we were asked to wait with the rest of the group for our tour guide to arrive for our 2.30pm tour. If you like you can enter the museum as part of your ticket but we didn’t have time before our tour started. The reception area alone is beautifully decorated and steeped in GAA history and quotes and images. Plus there’s always a recent game playing on the flat screen TV in the reception area. 

For the tour you have a guide (hopefully you’ll get JJ coz he was gas) and you are taken into a changing room where you get a harness and a quick run down on what the tour entails.  

The Skyline walk lasts about and hour and a half – waaaaay longer than I would have expected and there are numerous platforms that you can stop and view the city. I won’t go into too much detail as it’s best to experience it for yourself but just a couple of things to bear in mind;

  • The tour itself is not one bit scary. You are very closely built in and there is virtually no area where you could fall or get any access to the open- it is extremely safe.
  • It is bitter cold up there so dress appropriately.  I’m talking wooly hat, scarf, numerous layers etc. You’ll be up there as I say for an hour and a half and the last thing you want is being bitterly cold.
  • Bring binouculars if you own a pair- it’ll give you an excellent vantage point to see all of Dublin. 

    I would highly recommend going on this tour – for a GAA fan it would be so exhilarating to be walking across the top of the national GAA headquarters. For anyone else, it is an amazing place to view Dublin city from a completely different angle and take in the sights and sounds.

    To book tickets click HERE or go to the Croke Park official website for more info HERE.

    I’m finishing up my post about my trip to the beautiful Wesht of Ireland so keep your eyes peeled for more adventures blogs soon! 

    Happy sightseeing, 

    Lx πŸ’‹